promotes healthy lifestyles for employees in the United States by teaching businesses and corporations how to implement employee wellness programs. A successful employee wellness program can increase productivity, boost morale, reduce stress, reduce absenteeism, and control preventable health care costs.

Lose Weight in Time for the Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, your aniety levels may be a little higher than usual. Perhaps becuase some of your family members haven't seen you since you've gained a little weith. Well, it doesn't have to be that way. You CAN lose that extra weight in time for the holidays. Here are three weight loss programs that can help.

Know All the Details of Your Laser Eye Surgery Procedure

Understanding what lasek is can be tremendously important when trying to determine whether or not to make that step to getting it. The reason for this is because it can be a little dangerous. While it is not a deep, deep surgery, it is still a procedure that if done by someone that is not qualified, can have some dire consequences on your eyes. Your eyes are one of the most important parts of your body; it allows you to obviously see and provide information to the brain about different sensory responses. Because of this, when considering getting laser eye surgery, you ought to take a few things into consideration.

Look at what the doctor has to offer. Try and figure out his qualifications and make sure that he or she really is as good as he says he is. By doing this, you can guarantee that you are in good hands. On top of this, talk to him or her about the procedure as much as you want. The more information you have, the more likely you are that you're doing the right thing. You don't want to do something that is not only wrong, but dangerous for your eyes. Doing damage to them is typically permanent. Ask for advice. Ask for information. Then, if you decide to do it, enjoy the glasses free life of laser eye surgery.

Visitor Health Insurnace is a Good Idea

If you are going to employee people from overseas and bring them here, it is incredibly important to ensure that they have the proper health insurance. If you don’t, what you are running the risk of is your employee getting ill, or worse, and then being unable to work. There is hope, though. What a lot of people don’t know is that there is something known as Visitor Health Insurance. What this Visitor Insurance Plan does is provide the necessary health insurance for people that are not Americans.

Often, people ask why they should get this type of health insurance. They might have it at home in their own country, so isn’t it just a waste of money? Some say that it is, but in actuality, it is easier to get approved for health care if you have American health insurance. So, when looking at the pros and cons, what you have is the chance to get the necessary health insurance provided by America.

If you don’t want it, you don’t have to get it. It is important, but each person picks their own thing. Employers sometimes offer it, but that is something that you’d have to take up with your employer. Each one has a different policy about health insurance.

Losing Your Sight Can be Slowed With Glasses

As we age, we begin to slowly lose our sight simply because our eyes are starting to degenerate. This is a natural occurrence and one that people don’t really think much about. Just because it is natural, though, doesn’t mean that you need to allow it to happen. When you start to lose your sight, even just a slight bit, your eye has to try and compensate for that and work harder to make things clear for you. This is what the eye does; however, it further pushes the degeneration along faster.

What you should do if you are starting to lose your sight is invest in a pair of prescription glasses. By making it so your eyes don’t have to strain to see everything, you’re actually making it so they don’t degenerate at such a quick rate. But, if you don’t like glasses, you could always try contact lenses. One of the best brands out there is Acuvue.

By giving your eyes something to help them refocus everything in front of them, you are giving them the ability to not wear themselves out. Wearing out your eyes only creates a problem down the line because then you are even blinder than you already were. Wearing glasses or contacts is a great way to take care of your eyes and prevent further degeneration, regardless of the fact that it is natural.

Obeisty is Quickly Becoming the Leading Cause of Death

The leading cause of death in the United States is tobacco use. In 2004, it killed 440,000 people. But, the second cause of death in the United States was caused by obesity at 400,000 deaths. This is a difference of only 40,000 people. A decade earlier, the difference was 100,000 people. What this means is that obesity is increasingly becoming one of the leading causes of death in the United States and with the rate America is going, it could become the leading cause of death in the next few years. There are so many different diseases that obesity causes that it is in your best interest to try and lose weight.

But, when you hear that sentence, “try and lose weight,” I’m sure you are stuck sitting there going, “and how do you expect me to do that?” There are a ton of different ways. The most well known one is to try and eat healthier and exercise more. But who has the time? There are a ton of different Diet Pills and Weight Loss Pills. Those might be the route for you. Regardless of what route you take, it is imperative that you work hard to lose weight. You don’t want to be another one of the statistics.

Getting Individual Health Insurance is Really Necessary

There’s nothing more important than ensuring that your health is good. You could be a millionaire who owns a mansion and five cars, but if your health is bad, what’s the point? But, more importantly is the necessity for your employees to have health insurance. If you hire someone who is supposed to be the best at what they do, but they’re sick a lot, is that honestly a good investment? No. But, do you want to lose their specialty because of that? No.

That’s why it’s important that employers offer their employees health insurance. Now, there are different ways in which you can do it. You can offer it through your company, or you can give incentives to your employees to get Individual Health Insurance. One thing that companies have done is help pay for the health insurance that their employees get, but not pay for it all since that can get expensive. This helps both the employer and the employee. The employer becomes competitive and therefore can get the best possible employees.

Offering health insurance is an expensive investment to try and get the best employees. If you can find a way to offer it without losing so much of your profit, such as Individual Health Insurance, it can definitely be a strong method in which to gain the best of the best. And, there’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that the people who work for you are strong and in the best of health because they can now afford to get the necessary health insurance.

Track progress as employees become healthier

You only improve what you measure. Health and fitness assessmants are an excellent way to ensure your employees are getting results. An effective wellness program should start by creating a baseline followed by periodic measurements to demonstrate progress as employees and their families move to a healthier lifestyle.

Do you know if the programs you have in place actually produces results?

Which programs are successful? How do you know?

Acknowledge changes in health and fitness levels and hold employees accountable for their lifestyle choices

Motivational Tactics

Collectively coordinate and challenge employees to incorporate and Practice healthy lifestyle choices.

Full-time employees spend more waking hours together as coworkers than they do with their families. Take advantage of this by creating a fun, motivating, and inspirational work environment that promotes health and fitness.

What is the cultural attitude of your company toward health and fitness?

Do your employees encourage and support one another in their efforts to get fit?

Does your company have any collective health and fitness goals?

The Process of Establishing a Healthy Lifestyle

The Health Initiative Project follows a systematic approach to wellness that incorporates a series of coordinated newsletters, seminars, health assessments, and group activities specifically designed to respond to your employees’ need for information and action to improve their lives.

Our Road Map To Wellness
Connect - Review health care plan status
Communicate - Inform and enlighten employees and their families about current health care status and need for improvement
Coach - Educate and empower employees to make proper lifestyle choices

Wellness with Accountability

Wellness initiatives can take many forms. Health fairs, exercise classes, cholesterol screenings, educational workshops, blood pressure testings, smoking cessation programs, brown-bag lunch seminars, and more.

The missing element in most of these activities is accountability.

How do you know employees will actually change their behavior?

How do you know employees will actually achieve the desired/necessary results?

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